About design

Design for and with people becomes the focus of my work. Longevity and quality are not only created by materiality and manufacturing technology, but by the relationship between users and product. Identification and joy of use sensitize for an appreciative handling of our consumer goods. It is necessary to find the right steps of a regenerative economy and to create a healthy balance between environment, social and economy.
„We are not truly sustainable until the concept of sustainability no longer exists.“


Harald Welzer
Jonas Finkeldei
Portrait: Jonas Finkeldei | Fotocredits: sieger design
Portrait: Jonas Finkeldei | Fotocredits: sieger design

About the person

I am Jonas, product designer and carpenter from Münster. At the Academy for Design of the Chamber of Crafts Münster I graduated as a designer HWK to expand my design skills and to constantly redefine my view of the world.

Goals of the own work

Designers are problem solvers, but also problem creators, everything we design has consequences. I see my role as thinking through product designs to the end and creating a balance between people, but also with our environment and nature. Added value is not created by a new artifact, but only when it has an underlying meaning and the users can understand it for themselves. My focus is on a sustainable value chain and circularity of product materials. I see my role as a designer to follow a path to make consumer goods more regulated and uncompromising. We can’t produce more garbage that we can’t get rid of again, or that we can’t continue to use.

I would like to act as a role model and encourage people to value consumer goods more and to perceive the fast-moving world more consciously and in terms of a community. We don’t have to reinvent the world, we should just talk it through better and not perceive ourselves as competitors. Therefore, in the future I would like to find myself in a team that works together as equals and has the courage to persevere and transmit values and the ambition to want to make a difference. Craft design as well as serial to industrial design I want to combine through my learned knowledge and develop future-oriented concepts and solutions.



  • Milan Design Week - Fuorisalone 2023

    Product Flis tabel modules

  • Design talents craft NRW 2022

    the products Threefold, MA E and Amica

  • Theses Designer HWK 2022

    the product Flis was exhibited at the Academy of Design Münster

  • Academy collection Münster 2021

    Product MA E

  • Venice Design Week 2021

    Product Threefold

  • Milan Design Week - Fuorisalone 2021

    Product Threefold

  • Design talents craft NRW 2020

    Product Balance


  • 2022

    Industrial Design | Sieger Design

    Industrial Design | Designagentur Sieger Design

    Employment as a designer in the field of industrial design, design and development of consumer goods

  • 2022

    Designer HWK

    Academy for Design of the Chamber of Crafts Münster 
    Project Design & Management | Design Concepts | Visual and Media Design | Communication


  • 2022

    Industrial Design | Sieger Design

    Internship in the field of industrial design | design agency Sieger Design

    Structuring & coordination of one’s own daily work | Recognizing potentials on the market | Elaboration of a customer-oriented project | Professional presentation of the work | Cooperative and coordinating work experience

  • 2021

    Designer in the craft

    Academy for design Münster 
    Design Basics | Art & Cultural History | Design & Project Development | Representation | Presentation


  • 2019

    Carpentry Finkeldei


    focus on restoration and renovation | individual furniture construction | interior design | customer consulting | project management

  • 2017

    Carpentry Vernhold

    Carpenter training

    Focus furniture making