MA E is a shelf whose frame is made of welded round steel. The associated shelves are clicked between the steel rounds and firmly fixed.

The idea behind MA E is that by simply removing the trays, individual adaptation to the living conditions is made possible. The shelving system includes a total of seven rack variants that meet different requirements. They allow short-term rearrangement, rearrangement and functional changes in everyday life.


The profile in the wood serves as a construction as well as design detail and allows for frame connections, lengthwise or across corners.

For transportation or storage, the welded frame is, admittedly, inconvenient. However, due to the welding points, it holds permanently and is much more durable. Floors and racks can thus also be easily sanded and recoated. A valuable aging of the products and refurbishment options that do not reduce the quality allow a generation-spanning use.


MAE is complemented by freely placeable drawers, whose open sheet metal corps do not prescribe any directions of action and allow use in free-standing space from both sides. The tray drawers are removable and can be used as carrying trays due to their narrow frame height.


The collection is rounded off with a bookend that echoes the shape of the frame and drawers. With two different leg lengths, they adapt to the height of the book and provide a secure and stable hold.